Q. Does season pass guarantee seating?

No.  Lounge chairs for season pass holders first come first serve.  Daybeds, poolside booths and bungalows require a commitment to a min spend.  

Q. What is Dress Code ?

Stylish swim attire mandatory
No wife beaters
No Boots 

Q. Are you allowed to come without a season pass?

Yes you are.  You can purchase a day pass which is subject to availability based on capacity.  Season pass holders are prioritize over patrons trying to buy day passes.  You can also dine at Germantown Garden or within view of the pool at Germantown Garden Grill Poolside without a day pass or season pass.  

Q.  Do you refund season pass fees?

No since this is a sale for a seasonal element and the fees are used to maintain the facilities we will not refund fees.  Your purchase is a opportunity to use the facilities and the purchase is not dependent utilizing that opportunity. 

Q.  How many guests am I allowed as a season pass holder?

We don't have a cap on the amount of guests except for current local restrictions of party sizes due to COVID 19.  However your guests are not prioritized over other season pass holders so management may only allow a certain amount of guests in based on capacity and prioritization of season pass holders and VIP.  Guests on a season pass cannot dominate all the lounge seating and if it is a party with more than 2 guests it is highly recommended that you make a reservation for a daybed, booth or bungalow.  

Q.  What are the cover charges?

Season Pass Holder  Guest  *Day Pass
Weekday  Free $20 $40
Weekend  $20 $30 $50

 Restrictions still based on occupancy.  *Cover charges for day pass subject to tiered increase based on capacity.  

Q.  Is there a fee for chairs or seating?

No.  There is a min spend associated with daybeds, booths and bungalows.  For season pass holders there is no min spend for lounge chairs but it is first come first serve.  

Q.  What is the minimum spend for daybeds, booths, or bungalows?

      TEXT US

Q.   Do you guys serve food and drinks?

Yes.  We serve a more basic menu for the pool.  For a full menu dining can be done poolside at Germantown Garden Grill or next door at Germantown Garden.  

Q.   Do you allow outside food or drink?

Absolutely NO OUTSIDE food or drink is allowed.  

Q.   Where can I park?

We are sorry but parking is difficult in this part of the city.  We do recommend using uber, lyft, or public transportation.  Reservations and sessions cannot be extended due to the inconvenience of parking.  We do have guests after your reservations/bookings that would be affected if they arrived on time.  We are sorry about these circumstances.  

Q.   How long do I have the seating for?

There will be two sessions on the Friday-Saturday 11a-2p and 3p-6p.  If you come for the first session the only way even if you are a season pass holder to reserve the second session is to commit to a minimum spend.  

Q.  What is the code of conduct?

Lewd acts or anything that is deemed by management to interrupt the enjoyment of the facilities by other guests or interrupts or creates issue for our neighbors.  If you get thrown out or persist as a problem management reserves the right to revoke your season pass without refund.  Management also reserves the right to search any bags.